There are now 3 main types of decking boards. Softwood, Hardwood and Composite. All vary massively in price. Softwood being the most economical. Hardwood can be expensive, but not all the time as there are many different grades of hardwood. Composite can vary in price, the most expensive, but top quality TREX, this has a 25 year guarantee, we have used TREX on many occasions now and it looks wonderful. TIMBERTEK also produces an excellent finish, they also do some great deals on prices.

The frame underneath your decking boards is also very important for the life of the Deck. We only ever use treated C24 wood, on many occasions we will give this a coat of waterproof paint, the prolongs it’s life by many years. The posts that we use to take the weight are also treated and painted with a waterproofing course. Not, every contractor does this as standard by the way.

A heavy duty weed mat is also laid before we start laying the boards. All the above can extend the life of the deck by many, many years.

Whatever your budget, we can suggest a product that will fit your needs.

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